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About Jung Yi

Founded by Mr. Li Han Tien as Shin Yi steel in a place less than 120㎡, Jung Yi was first located on Hoping Street in the East District of Taichung City. In the very beginning phase of business, product items traded were mainly steel material used for general purpose: forging carbon steel, cold-drawn bar steel, channel iron, angle bar, iron plate, …etc. As the economy of Taiwan developed rapidly, transforming from old time agricultural society to industrial era, the demand for metal material in quantity and diversity has been booming. Jung Yi was the first company in Taiwan that introduced free cutting steel that could only be imported from Japan. It earned great popularity among clients, for it did not only enhance work efficiency but machining precision. In 1978, the company name was converted to Jung Yi Steel Co., Ltd. and moved to current site in Da-li industrial park in 1993.

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